Who are we?

USAII is a real estate investment firm that has been in commercial and residential development as well as property management across 24 cities in the United States since 1978. USAII currently seeks and pursues investment and development opportunities in Texas, California, and Hawaii. USAII principals has developed over 20,000 apartment units, over 1,000,000 square feet of high-rise commercial office, several thousand acres of award winning and best-selling residential development communities as well as industrial warehouses, specialty shopping centers and mix- use high rise developments in the United States.

Why Choose Us?

USAII has over 50 years of combined principal real estate development experiences. With a growing portfolio of trophy properties and developments, USAII sifts through the best of class to pursue only the finest opportunities within its target market. USAII has experience with many real estate asset classes including: Multifamily apartments, commercial high rise office, master-plan communities, specialty retail, and Mix Use high rise urban core retail and residential developments.

Our Mission

To create and operate best in class unique commercial and residential developments in select supply constrained markets.

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